AYTO evaluated promises made before elections

Aydın's National Team AYTO Y.İ.K. held its third meeting. AYSO Y.İ.K.'s 3, which will play the role of pressure group for the determination and solution of the major problems of the province from the social and sociological texture to the transportation master plans of Aydın. TOBB Board Member and AYTO Chairman Hakan Ülken as the chairman of the board, businessmen of the board, Ali Dinçer, Ali Mümtaz Özalp, Cengiz Altıntaş, Engin Polat, Ergüven Yakan, Erol Dikmen, Halit Germen, Muhammet Demir, Muharrem Tozkoparan, Nizamettin Basaran, Osman Gökmen, Taylan Kozacıoğlu, Uğur Alkanlı, Yalçın Pekgüzel and Board Advisor Assoc. Dr. Atakan Hatipoğlu joined.

24 Prime Minister Binali Yildirim during the meeting held in June before the Presidential and Parliamentary General Elections, Aydin promises about the evaluation of the results of the meeting, the statement took place in the following statements.

Er The members of the High Advisory Board expressed their satisfaction with the fact that some of the public investments, which have been waiting for the Aydın public for a long time and which have been voiced by AYTO, have been put on the agenda of our government. During the meeting, Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım made a speech at a meeting organized at 22 June 2018 in Aydın,

Implementation of Çıldır Airport,

Establishment of five new organized industrial zones,

Completion of the Aydın-Denizli highway,

High Speed ​​Train Line

In order to realize the promises of the City Hospital, it was evaluated how a movement would be useful.

Since Çıldır Airport was a comprehensive study and reported by the AYTO, it has been agreed that it will continue to be dealt with as follows.

Five new organized industrial zones, which will be given the highest value added, will be the investment that will bring the most added value to Aydın. However, the rant values ​​of organized industrial zones (OIZ) in Aydın are above the investment value. In its current form, it is seen that there is a gap between the official occupancy rates and the actual rates in organized industrial zones. The minimum occupancy rate stipulated by the law is 70. In Aydin, although the occupancy rate is full, some occupancy rates of some OIZs are seen in% 50. In order to establish new OIZs under these conditions, AYTO:

a) whether there are deficiencies in terms of ensuring full and complete implementation of the laws,

b) how to increase the accrued shares in order to make the OIZ land attractive especially for large industrial investments,

c) The issue of land production in the classroom, suitable for agriculture, sites and other areas not suitable for establishing OIZ,

d) It was considered appropriate to initiate a comprehensive study in order to investigate the possibilities of creating specialized value-generating industrial zones.

It was decided that it would be appropriate to monitor the issue by AYTO in order to accelerate the construction process of the City Hospital and the highway project. It was decided to conduct a study on the level of government work in relation to the High Speed ​​Train.

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