01 Adana

Public Transport 15 Free on July in Adana

Adana Metropolitan Municipality has completed its preparations to facilitate the transportation of citizens to the Central Park, where the 15 July Martyrs Remembrance, Democracy and National Unity Day will be held. Adana Metropolitan Municipality, [more…]

07 Antalya

Public Transportation Controls in Gazipaşa

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inspection Team conducts frequent inspections in Gazipaşa so that citizens can benefit from a quality transportation service. Criminal action is applied to those who do not open the air conditioner. Antalya [more…]

35 Izmir

Thousands Can Level Crossing

The level crossing guards working in the railway network passing at two different points in Torbalı have saved dozens of lives so far. The level crossing the railway network running in two different points in Torbalı [more…]

35 Izmir

Thank you to the President

The line route from Torbalı transportation to 2 has been increased to 3. The 51 minibus will not leave streets and streets in Torbalı. It will ease the urban transportation that has become the bleeding wound of Torbali [more…]


Buses Free in July at 15 in Kahramanmaras

Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality announced that municipal buses will be free from 14-15 July. In a written statement made by the Directorate of Transportation Services of Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality: “July 15 Democracy [more…]


Muğla Metropolitan Road Works

In addition to the roads across the province, Muğla Metropolitan Municipality ensures that citizens can travel safely with the construction of connecting roads and bridges with neighboring cities. 360 across Muğla [more…]