Sakarya pilot province

Sakarya was selected as a pilot province for the spread of bicycled transportation. Fatih Pistil, Head of Transportation Department said, “We will increase our network of bicycle roads over 30 kilometers. The bicycle is an integrated [more…]

7 Russia

Speed ​​Train

There was a possibility to step back in the project of spreading high speed trains in Russia. According to the media, “The announced speed train line that will be built between Moscow and Kazan cities has never been [more…]

254 Kenya

Private mass transit

It has been stated that discriminatory practices such as 'pink wagon' and 'pink bus', which are recommended to prevent harassment in public transportation, do not solve the problem. Public transport is scarce in almost all countries of the world. [more…]


Tokat OIZ Will Expand

Providing employment opportunities for more than 4 thousand people and operating with a 90 percent occupancy rate, Tokat OSB will expand its production area in order to meet the investor's demands. 3 THOUSANDS [more…]