New Metro and Havaray Lines Coming to Maltepe

New Metro and Havaray Lines Coming to Maltepe: Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, met with citizens at the rally in Maltepe. President Kadir Topbas who addressed to the people of Maltepel filling the rally area with Turkish flags in their hands, 13 annually 98 billion Maltepe in Istanbul 5.2 billion liras said they had invested in the year, UM We stand up here in the municipality of the opposition, do not do business there, let us vote and let us vote We did not say. We're not in such a morality. If there is a need, we will be there and arrange our work. We currently have our day as the municipality does not have 1 lira debt. We have money in our cash register: We have an investment budget of 16.5 billion pounds this year, par he said.

We aimed for a strong Turkey. Turkey is a strong will disrupt memorization in the world. When it comes to the survival of the country we have to go 80 million, arm in arm, "Kadir uses the phrase," What we do in our in Istanbul, Dear as the mayor of our president and prime minister in Istanbul and in the middle of his services in Turkey. You go to your hometowns, you see how there is a change. My hometown is Artvin Yusufeli. A full 41 tunnel was built from Hopa to Yusufeli to prevent accidents and shorten the path. In the past, a Bolu Tunnel could not be finished, but now there is an 41 tunnel going to my district. It continues to be done. Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the presidency of the system since the 2.5 year has evolved. It wants to provide a successful service by obtaining full authority from the ballot box. Sand


Edi In the period of Mr. Sozen, 4 tried to make a crossroads and didn't finish the 2. The President of the Republic finished the other two in the period of mayor. We have made 370 junction and underpass since we took office, yana said Topbas.

“We make tunnels. We can't stand it. We have this city. Because you said yes to the ballot. We have finished Kadıköy-Kartal Metro for faster transportation. Dudullu-Kayışdağı-İçerenköy-Bostancı Metro Line is currently underway. We also have a Kadikoy-Kartal Havaray Project. I hope his preparations continue. In addition, there is a demand for Maltepe-Başıbüyük Havaray, Kayışdağı is being requested for the cable car, and their works are continuing. In addition, Marmaray opened a section with Halkalı-Gebze Light Line Line will be activated in 2018 year. We've never left our word on the floor. We don't say anything we can't do. You are witness to the developments in this city. Bu


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