Historic Basalt Stones Found in Diyarbakır Train Station

Historic Basalt Stones Found in Diyarbakır Train Station: The basalt stones that were uncovered during the restoration work at the Diyarbakır Railway Station completely changed the project.
During the restoration work at the Diyarbakır Railway Station, the basalt stones that were uncovered in the excavation were completely changed. Basalt stones were laid in the front yard of the station. The stones are estimated to be 100 annually.
The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) by 1935 was opened in Diyarbakir Train Date basalt stones 60 centimeters under the earth excavated during the restoration work at Station found. With the decision of the restoration team, Pergamon stones were planned to be laid and basalt stones were laid with the decision of the Protection Board. Stones that are also suitable for the historical structure of the station are estimated to have been there for 100 years.
”60 of the place came out under centimeters“
Remzi Kaymak, Agriculture High Engineer, who is involved in restoration and landscaping works, stated that the ground was asphalt when they started the works and that they met with basalt stones when the asphalt went down below 60. Yüksek We met with the Governorate and Culture Directorate. We made a project change when the stones emerged. After the approval of the Protection Board, we started to implement it. There will be seats in front of the station. Incoming passengers will be a place to rest. We have removed these stones, washed them and re-laid them. We are grasping between the stones by hand. We're planning to finish in November. We did something like this in order to fit the historical structure of Diyarbakır Station. In
Murat Aktaş, TCDD 54 Real Estate Construction Chief, noted that the station was previously in a run-down state and that minor repairs were made and said, İnşaat It had a very bad appearance. In 2014, we have repaired and repaired 22 housing. In 2015, we finished the Diyarbakır Gar building in accordance with its essence, approved by the Board of the Preservation of Cultural Heritage. After that, the landscaping in front of the missing Diyarbakır Garry was started. In fact, we thought of it as a Pergamon stone. But after the excavation, we gave up the Pergamon stone when our basalt stone which is unique to Diyarbakır came out. We have presented this basalt stone, which is unique to Diyarbakır, to the protection board due to its historical structure. The board also approved. This basalt stone currently has operations. Our masters working in the system we call Khorasan lime. We use this lime to prevent the stone from moving because of the incoming vehicles. Gelen


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