Instruction from Fatma Şahin: Seal the Wedding Halls in İstasyon Square

Instructor Fatma Şahin: Seal the Wedding Halls in the Station Square. The Metropolitan Mayor of Gaziantep, Fatma Şahin, pushed the button for the evacuation of the wedding halls on the 450 thousand square meter land of the TCDD, which is planned to be built in the Station Square. President Sahin, despite the expiration of the time still continues to be rented halls, gave instructions to seal the halls.
Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, the right to use TCDD'de, but waiting for years in a dormant state 450 thousand square meters of land on a modern park will do. The only obstacle in front of the Metropolitan Municipality was the wedding hall businesses on the land. The necessary procedures were initiated for the evacuation of the wedding halls, but the hall owners continued to rent salons instead of emptying them. Then the Metropolitan Municipality began the sealing process to accelerate the evacuation of the halls and prevent the citizen from becoming a victim. The Metropolitan Municipality completes the project and tender stage and awaits the evacuation of the enterprises on the land.
Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality will make station in the first stage of 71 thousand 100 square meters. The municipality will make a new city forest of 600 thousand square meters in the Alleben Valley, which stretches from the west of the city to the Alleben Pond. Mayor Fatma Sahin, the inhabitants of the city needs breathing space, he said. With the protocol made between Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and General Directorate of State Railways, 433 acres of State Railways were transferred to the municipality. After the protocol agreement, the Metropolitan Municipality made plans for this place. The area within the boundaries of the planning area will include museums, youth centers, theaters, cultural centers, municipal service units, conference hall facilities. For all kinds of applications in the field of conservation and protection, the Gaziantep Cultural Heritage Protection Board will be consulted, approved and approved. Other areas will be park and residential areas.
Within the limits of the planning, 2 vehicles for each independent section in residential buildings will be arranged within the boundaries of the open or closed parking lot for 50 m2 vehicles for commercial purposes. The car parks will not be used for other purposes and will be required as a common use of the car park. In the field of planning, earthquake, parking, fire, shelter regulations will be observed. Necessary arrangements will be made for disabled people in all areas of interior and exterior design and implementation phase.


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