South Koreans will Go High-Speed ​​Train to Every Side of the Country in 2025

South Koreans will travel all over the country in 2025: South Korea has announced that it will renew its national railways by 2025 in order to reach every corner of the country in two hours.
In a statement today, the Ministry of Transport announced that new high-speed railways will be constructed as well as the renovation of existing railways to enable the use of high-speed trains.
74,1 trillion Won (about 61,1 billion dollars) required for the project will be covered by 53,7 trillion Won (45 billion dollars) part of the state budget and the rest will be covered by regional administration and private sector.
The government, on the other hand, announced that high-speed trains would be launched from cities such as Suwon, Incheon and Uijeongbu. The plan also includes the withdrawal of the Great Train eXpress line and the renovation of Suseo Station between the center of Seoul and the city of Ilsan.
If the project in the country is completed in 2025, important regions such as Gangneung, which have already reached more than five hours, will be reached in two hours. Over the next decade, the population will be able to benefit from high-speed trains, from 51 to 85.

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