Kiosk Train Station project allowance approved

Kiosk Train Station project allowance has been approved: Mayor Rifat Kadri Kılınç TCDD 3. As a result of his visits to the Regional Directorate, the Köşk Train Station project allowance was approved.

President Kılınç, who provided information about the restoration project of the Köşk Train Station, said: olduğ As it is known, the railway line that our century-old ancestors left us, passes through the center of our district. DDY 3 for the restoration project of Kiosk Railway Station and its surroundings in order to embrace our heritage and to revive our history with the restoration and maintenance work. We worked with our Regional Directorate. The current Aydın-Denizli railway line is located in the northern part of the Aydın-Denizli motorway passing through the center of our district. We are here on both sides of the railway line, landscaping, hangar restoration, restoration of existing service building etc. The approval of our project appropriation for the construction was realized by our Ministry. Both our restoration project and the completion of our underpass project in Altin Eylul neighborhood as a whole will be useful for our district as a whole. We are very happy to implement both our projects in connection. Good luck. Hayır

TCDD 3. Regional Director Murat Bakir said, ım As a result of our President's efforts, we signed our project approval. On the Aydın-Denizli line we also realize the project of our mansion. News on behalf of both TCDD Directorate and our district. Good luck. Hayır


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