Ropeway Systems Design Criteria | Drag Systems

Ropeway Systems Design Criteria | Drag Systems: This section covers wired human handling systems where passengers are pulled into a rotating fiber tow rope, a rotating rope or a drag rope connected to a fiber rope or pulling upward on the ski training equipment.

In dragging systems, there will be no intermediate supports from the boarding point to the landing point in the upward rope. Intermediate supports may be used in the descent rope.

Babylift etc. The systems referred to by names are drag systems. In the whole system / 2000 / 9 AT-Man shall be complied with the provisions of the Cable Carriage Installation Design and the safety rules specified in TS EN 12929-1, TS EN 12929-2 standards.

- TS EN 12929-1: Safety Rules for Overhead Line Facilities Designed to Carry People - General Terms - Part 1: Rules for All Facilities
- TS EN 12929-2: Safety Rules for Overhead Line Plants Designed to Carry People - General Requirements - Part 2: Additional Rules for Two-Wired Overhead Rope Roads with Non-Carrier Wagon Brakes Reversed

System design will generally be in compliance with national - international standards and relevant regulations and technical regulations of public institutions and organizations in Section VI.

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