The name of the ankaray anatolian station was changed to anatolian anitkabir
06 Ankara

The name of Ankaray Anadolu Station was changed to Anadolu / Anıtkabir

The name of the Anadolu Station in ANKARAY, one of the EGO General Directorate Rail System Operations, was changed to "Anadolu / Anıtkabir" upon the intense demand from the citizens. Due to the fact that Gazi Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK, the founder of our Republic, has his eternal resting place in the Anatolian Station area, the demands of the citizens are appropriate. [more…]

Hasankeyf Bridge opened for service with toren
72 Batman

Hasankeyf-2 Bridge Opened with a Ceremony

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu attended the opening ceremony of the Hasankeyf-2 Bridge on the Batman-Hasankeyf-Gercüş-Midyat Road, where President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan also attended and made a speech via video conference method. “With our bridge; Batman, Mardin and Habur Border Crossings [more…]

Antalya Stage Rail System Route Is Agaced
07 Antalya

Antalya 3rd Stage Rail System Route is Afforested

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is planting the medians on the route of the 3rd Stage Rail System Project approaching its end. 500 orange and 250 benjamin trees were planted in the areas around the rail system. Park Gardens and Gardens Department, approaching the end of the 3rd Stage Rail [more…]

the restored tesvikiye mosque was opened to worship
34 Istanbul

The Restored Teşvikiye Mosque was Opened for Worship

Teşvikiye Mosque was opened to worship with the Friday prayer led by the President of Religious Affairs, Ali Erbaş, following the completion of the restoration works initiated three years ago by the General Directorate of Foundations. Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, in his opening speech, the restoration [more…]

how many lira will be ankara sivas yht ticket fee
06 Ankara

Ankara Sivas YHT Ticket Fee How Many Lira?

Adil Karaismailoğlu, the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, stated that they made the final adjustments on the Ankara-Sivas high-speed train line and announced that they will put the project into service in the summer months. While there is a lot of work in the field, preparations are being made to determine the Ankara-Sivas high-speed train ticket prices. [more…]

urgent restoration is required in the haldun taner scene
34 Istanbul

Emergency restoration is a must in Haldun Taner Stage

Deputy Secretary General of IMM Mahir Polat stated that Haldun Taner Stage requires urgent restoration and said that their priority is to ensure life safety. Polat said that they recommended the Istanbul University Conservatory, which teaches at Haldun Taner Stage, the IMM offices in Göztepe Park, [more…]

eshot annual report approved
35 Izmir

ESHOT 2020 Annual Report Approved

The 2020 Annual Report of the General Directorate of ESHOT was voted and accepted by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council yesterday. According to the report, despite the severe pandemic conditions, ESHOT General Directorate allocates approximately half of its expenditure budget to the purchase of new buses in 2020 [more…]

Arrangement of island train services
54 Sakarya

Arrangement to Island Train Expeditions

The Island Train services were reorganized as of yesterday evening, after the partial closure decisions. TCDD management reorganized the flights of the Ada Train, which traveled on the Adapazarı-Pendik line, yesterday, after the partial closure decisions. Accordingly, morning and afternoon voyages [more…]

Examples parent families with disabilities will be installed on the center turkiyede
35 Izmir

Families Parent Center will be established for the Disabled, it will be an example to Turkey

In line with the vision of Tunç Soyer, Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, who strengthened the goal of Engelsizmir with the understanding of "Another Disabled Policy Is Possible", preparations for the establishment of the Parent Education and Information Center were accelerated. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, in order to meet the educational needs of parents with disabilities, [more…]

Hasankeyf bridge is getting hungry tomorrow
72 Batman

Hasankeyf-2 Bridge Opens Tomorrow

Turkey's longest bridge work will take place at the Bridge of Hasankeyf-2 has been completed and the opening ceremony is scheduled to be performed tomorrow. The opening of the bridge, which provides a connection between Batman, Mardin and Habur Border Gate and which increases road safety and comfort, was opened by President Recep Tayyip. [more…]

06 Ankara

17-18 April Weekend EGO Buses, Ankaray and Metro Timetable

During the pandemic process of the EGO General Directorate of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, in order to control the rate of spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, in line with the decision of the Ankara Governorship Provincial General Hygiene Board (UHK) dated 14 April 2021 and numbered 2021/19, 16 [more…]