Renewed Galata Bridge Opened to Traffic from Both Directions

Galata Bridge Opened to Traffic from Both Directions
Galata Bridge Opened to Traffic from Both Directions

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Department of Technical Affairs completed the work on the New Galata Bridge, which was built in 1994 and is 490 meters long and 42 meters wide. As of Saturday evening, September 16, the bridge was opened to traffic from both directions.

The bridge, which has a tram line on it, was maintained for the first time in 29 years. The bridge was renewed against a possible Istanbul earthquake with "Joint Replacement and Asphalt Renewal Construction". The work, which included joint replacement and asphalt renewal, was carried out in two stages.

All structures have been repaired

With these works, repair and renewal works were carried out for the damaged expansion joints on the bridge, which had completed their structural life. The existing insulation layer protecting the bridge against sea and rain water was removed and renewed.

It was determined that the asphalt repairs carried out in the past on the bridge placed too much weight on the scale system (open-close system) and therefore caused problems, and unnecessary weights were removed. In addition, Trinidad asphalt, which is suitable for the steel bridge deck and does not melt in the sun, was produced.

Resistance to earthquake increased

Again, within the scope of the work, the existing insulation layer that protected the bridge against sea and rain water, which had completed its technical life over the years, was removed and renewed.

With the works carried out, the technical and operational life of the New Galata Bridge was extended and the resistance against a possible earthquake was increased.

completed 5 days ago

The 20nd Stage work, planned as 2 days, was completed in 15 days. Galata Bridge was opened to vehicle and pedestrian traffic from both directions 5 days earlier than planned.

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