TAI Malaysia Office Signed First Cooperation Agreement

TAI Malaysia Office Signed First Cooperation Agreement
TAI Malaysia Office Signed First Cooperation Agreement

A cooperation agreement was signed between the Turkish Aerospace Industries Malaysia office and “SIRIM”, a Standardization and R&D institution affiliated to the Malaysian Ministry of Economy. The two sides will cooperate on issues such as industrial standards development, Industry 4.0, machinery and manufacturing, design and analysis, as well as aviation R&D projects, training and consultancy in the field of aviation certification.

Aiming to contribute to Malaysia's aviation ecosystem with nearly half a century of experience in aviation, Turkish Aerospace Industries made its first attempt in this field with SIRIM, Malaysia's Standardization and R&D organization. Within the scope of the cooperation agreement, implementation of Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing projects, development of the capabilities of SIRIM and the Malaysian aviation industry, Setting and developing the standards of the aviation industry, calibration, inspection, certification and testing services for improving efficiency and quality in the aviation field, Advanced aviation such as unmanned aerial vehicles technologies, developing local repair and maintenance expertise in the field of aviation, developing strategic industrial partnership and R&D processes for new generation material applications such as Nano Coating, Polymer and Carbon Fiber, developing an "International Strategic Technology Business Framework" for the Aerospace Industries. will work together on issues.

Making evaluations about the cooperation, Turkish Aerospace Industry General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil said, “We are excited to sign the first bilateral agreement in our Malaysia office that we opened. With this development, which will contribute to the development of Malaysia's aviation industry, our company will also kazanWe will realize a number of joint projects that will be realized. As an important player in the world aviation ecosystem, we will continue to contribute to the capabilities of the two countries in this field.”

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