The Glory of Silvan Malabadi Bridge Will Be Revealed

The splendor of Silvan Malabadi Bridge will be revealed
The splendor of Silvan Malabadi Bridge will be revealed

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality will make landscaping in an area of ​​30 thousand square meters to reveal the splendor of the historical Malabadi Bridge.

With the instruction of Diyarbakır Governor Münir Karaloğlu, who has attached great importance to the historical and touristic areas of the city since the first day he took office, a project was prepared that will transform the Malabadi Bridge, which is on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Tentative List and whose surroundings are neglected, into an open-air museum.

In the project prepared by the Department of Parks and Gardens, it was aimed that visitors of all ages and from all walks of life use the area comfortably and have a pleasant time in order to increase awareness and belonging about the Malabadi Bridge.

A total of 30 thousand square meters of land will be arranged in the study, and 18 thousand 95 square meters will be considered as green space.

Around the bridge, there will be a square, cafeteria, prayer room, viewing terraces, promenade, pier, children's playground, toilet and baby care rooms.

Information boards about the history of the bridge will be placed at different points of the organized area.

The bridge will be illuminated

The Parks and Gardens Department will create artificial beaches on both sides of the flowing water to make the historic Malabadi Bridge look better. The magnificence of the bridge will be revealed by including structural and plant landscape elements in gray tones in the area.

Lighting elements will be placed in the structural landscape areas in gray tones, preventing them from coming into physical contact with the bridge and lighting the bridge without shadows.



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