Longing for 60 Years in Manisa Has Been Completed

in manisa year the expected path with longing has been completed
in manisa year the expected path with longing has been completed

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality has completed the concrete road application on the 11-kilometer road which provides the connection between the district center in Akhisar and Akselendi, Sazoba, Beyoba, Moralilar, Rahmiye and the Airport Command. Akselendi, Morali and Rahmiye Neighborhood Mukhtars, who made an investigation on the current road, thanked Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cengiz Ergün for 60 years.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality carried out a renovation on the road, which was in a neglected and poor appearance, providing the link between Akselendi, Akselendi, Sazoba, Beyoba, Morali, Rahmiye and the Airport Command in Akhisar. The road, which has been patched and repaired for years, but cannot be permanently renewed, has received full marks from neighborhood headmen and citizens with its new appearance. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Mukhtar's Office Head Ergün Aksoy, Akhisar Mukhtar Officer Ali Aybars Özbilgin, Akselendi Neighborhood Headman Ömer Akay, Morallar District Headman Yılmaz Kırbaş and Rahmiye District Headman, İdris Öz.

Mukhtars Explained the Service

Akselendi Neighborhood Headman Ömer Akay: We have been using the same path for 60 years. It was very terrible. We contacted the Metropolitan Municipality officials. We were waiting for hot asphalt. They said the concrete road. At first, it was a question mark in our minds, as if there was a road from concrete. But we have been open for 3-4 months, we have no problems at the moment. Hopefully we will use it for many years. Especially since the Airport Command, Akselendi, Sazoba, Beyoba are common use, there is a lot of intensity on this road. May Allah be pleased with the cause, the maker, especially our Cengiz president. We welcome you to visit our neighborhood.

Moralılar Neighborhood Headman Yılmaz Kırbaş: It was a very bad way. It has been patched for years. When Cengiz arrived at the airport, it was the occasion that he saw this road. He intervened immediately and made it possible in 3 months. Thank you to him.

Rahmiye Neighborhood Headman İdris Öz: It was repaired from time to time after 1960. But it was a really bad road. Now it's like an airport runway. We would like to thank Cengiz President and everyone who contributed.

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