The first expedition date of the Eastern Express

first time of touristic
first time of touristic

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, one of the world's most beautiful 4 train route to the Eastern Expresswhat the demand for passengers increased day by day, so the tourist Eastern Expressto start the service with the Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy reported.

Within the scope of the study, Turhan stated that the Tourism Orient Express agreed that 29 will move from Ankara to Kars in 20.00 on May at 120. Mayıs Touristic Eastern Express will have a capacity of 27. The train, which will consist of a whole sleeper train, will complete the Ankara-Kars course in an hourly time. V

Turhan, the first time 15 May 1949'de began the Eastern Express, the General Directorate of Transportation by the General Directorate of Transport TCDD Ankara-Kars line, he said.

The train, the 300 kilometer of the thousand kilometers per hour, indicating that the turn, Turhan, 25 station during the journey is focused on the station reminded.

Turhan, the Eastern Express under the framework of the infrastructure and technical conditions, 2 generator, 1 administrative wagon, 4 bed, 4 pulman, 2, 1-wagons continued to provide information, said:

N Passenger demand is increasing day by day in the Eastern Express, which runs on one of the world's most beautiful 4 train routes. Particularly young people, nature enthusiasts, groups of people who want to take pictures of all ages, high-quality services are offered to passengers at affordable prices.,

Tourist Eastern Express plan

As a result of the studies carried out by the Ministry to increase the interest in the Eastern Express, Turhan emphasized that the travels are shared on social media, the journey is seen as an extraordinary holiday option and the demand increasing with the effect of the cooperation with tour operators. for the purpose of the new train services were requested.

Turhan, in order to increase domestic tourism from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the existing Eastern Express has been removed from the sleep of the railway and Ankara-Kars-Ankara to be operated between the tourism demand for a new train to be made by recalling, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy told.

UM As a result of our negotiations with our Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, we agreed that the first expedition of the Tourism Orient Express would be 29 from Ankara to Ankara at 20.00 on May. Our train will stop at the Kemaliye and Erzurum stations of Erzincan on the way from Ankara, while the return train will stop at the Divriği and Bostankaya stations in Sivas for a long time. Sivas Turhan said that they will enable this concept to be implemented in other lines later.

120 passenger capacity will be

Tourist Eastern Express in the Ankara-Kars line in the direction of the stance and time of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, in accordance with the demands of the passengers to visit the historical and touristic places in the way they plan to pay attention Turhan, said:

Acak Touristic Eastern Express, 2 service, 1 dining, 6 bed will consist of a total of 9 wagons. The train will accommodate 120 people. The train, which will consist of a whole sleeper train, will complete the Ankara-Kars route in the 27 hour. Ankara-Kars-Ankara line will run over the day, Ankara, 20.00 hours, hours will be around 23.00 from Kars.


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