Basmane-Afyon Line Reinforced Concrete Wall Tender Result

basmane opium
basmane opium

Basmane - Afyon Line Km: 116 + 750 with Km: 117 + 570 Reinforced Concrete Wall Tender Result

Turkish State Railways Company 3. 2019 firm offers 190119 / 1.095.079,61 TL boundary value of 1.564.581,67 TL and XMUMX TL with 116 TL and XMUMX + 750 with Km: 117 + 570: According to the results of the tender given and the tender was awarded to the tender with 39 TL ENES ASLAN won. 1.095.259,42, which participated in the tender, bid below the limit.

Tender, 650 mt. reinforced trapezoidal channel, 800 mt. earth trapezoidal channel, 300 mt. reinforced concrete retaining wall, 350 mt. Ballast retaining wall and 3,00 × 2,00 reinforced concrete culvert. The duration of the work is 150 (one hundred and fifty) calendar days from the place delivery.

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