The name of a tram stop has changed in Eskisehir

a tram stop in Eskisehir has changed more
a tram stop in Eskisehir has changed more

After the Espark stop at the Eskişehir Tram stops, the name of the tram stop named dur Ulus Square le was changed as “Odunpazarı Municipality değiş.

Eskişehir tram stops are undergoing changes. After the Espark stop was changed to dur Ulus Square Es, the name of the state hospital tram station was changed.

About 6 months ago, the State Hospital units moved to Eskişehir City Hospital. The name of the station where the state hospital was located was changed with the last arrangement. The name of the stop was organized as ”Odunpazarı Municipality Dur. In addition to the change of the sign on the stop, the internal announcements of the tram have also changed. (the anadolugazete)


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