Transport Regarding Turkey with Iran Will Be each other's Partner

Iran will partner with each other on transportation turkey
Iran will partner with each other on transportation turkey

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, the development of trade between Iran and Turkey, resolving the problems in the road transport and railway said that agreement on the improvement of transport.

Turhan visited Iranian authorities in Tehran, where he made official contacts, and discussed the negotiations on transport and transportation.

“We have made very important negotiations and agreements“

Iran's trade with Turkey is very important to the two friendly countries, Turhan said that the economic and cultural relations based on very old, on behalf of Turkey-Iran relations take forward this 8. Transport Mixed Commission Meeting was held.

After talks with Iranian officials, Turhan said the following issues were discussed:

Ülke We agreed on the development of trade between the two countries in the field of transport, solving problems in road transport and improving railway transportation. Not only between Turkey and Iran, we have made a very important negotiations and agreements related to the elimination of problems of the two countries in shipping goods to a third country. "

"Transport will partner each other in Turkey and Iran"

Turhan said that the companies that will carry transportation in the two countries have taken important steps in solving problems and problems experienced both at the customs gates and on the roads during transportation. Turkey and Iran on transportation will no longer be partners of each other. "He said.

Turhan also shared the following information regarding the train services that will be available from Istanbul to Tehran:

. What kind of precautions should be taken regarding the initiation of these flights in the meetings to be held, we are planning to make their decisions and start these flights. Not only highway transportation between Turkey and Iran now we want to start in the railway passenger transport. "

”Thanks to the new airport, we had the chance to swot to other countries“

Turhan also stated that there is agreement on the transportation of more people with Iran and more flights to the air transportation, he said:

Inde With regard to the transfer services, many countries have requested swot but could not. Especially with the high capacity of the new airport that we started and started to operate in Istanbul, we had the chance to swot to other countries. It was also agreed that additional flights would be carried out in the transportation area to be provided to Iran by Istanbul and other cities. İran

Mr. Turhan also touched upon the effects of US sanctions on Iranian relations in the two countries. Değin We do not think sanctions will change our relations with Iran. We are in favor of maintaining the trade of the people of both countries and their innate rights arising from international law. Iki

28-29 in the framework of the official visit is located in Iran on April, 8. Turhan, who signed the memorandum of understanding for cooperation between the two countries, participated in the meeting of the Joint Committee on Transport and Transportation.


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