Unfinished Maintenance at Pınarbaşı Aytepe Cable Car Line

Pınarbaşı-Aytepe Teleferik Line, which was built by Aydın Municipality in 2009 and spent approximately 3 million liras and is currently under the control of Aydın Metropolitan Municipality, cannot be used for months due to unending maintenance. On the cable car line in an idle state, hanging on the glass 'ropeway line is in care' can not go beyond the distraction of the citizen.

Özlem Çerçioğlu, who has served as the chairman of Aydın Municipality and then Aydın Metropolitan Municipality since 10 for years, but does not look at the huge services made in the neighboring provinces, continues to infect his services under the control of Özlem Çerçioğlu. Even the Pınarbaşı-Aytepe Ropeway Line, which can not operate the 563 meter long, is left to its fate by the words t we are in care Hat. 'Cable car facilities are closed for a while due to maintenance' phrases written by the system using a number of information written on the cable car, a recent study on the ropeway was not done any maintenance work. Destined to the fate of the facilities that remain in the dust soil and the heart of the idle state makes the hearts.

Denizli-Bağbaşı Highland Cable Car Line, which is built by the Metropolitan Municipality in the neighboring province of Denizli, is not only operated in summer and in winter, but also a tourist attraction in Aydın. Aydın Metropolitan Municipality, which is described as 'incompetent' by citizens, draws reaction because it cannot control the services it has.

In particular, the university students used to go to Aytepe the cable car has not worked for a long time, the citizens were victimized. Citizens who want to go to Aytepe from Pinarbasi have to climb about five hundred steps in summer.

On the other hand, some municipal employees working around the cable car line, "Why the cable car is closed," he asked the citizens, "the municipality does not have money, if you help will work. This is the 3 year, in care, they are working in 2021, m he said in a quizzical manner.

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