Diary of a Motherland

Diary of a Homeland: Tram drivers who played an important role in the transportation of Eskişehir, the problems experienced by the citizens during the day and the problems faced by the Railway Workers Union Financial Secretary, Oguz Senel told.

The tram, which is used by Eskişehir citizens almost every day, plays an important role in terms of not only causing traffic stress but also saving time. Eskişehir Railway Workers Union Financial Secretary, who also spoke about the problems and problems faced by the citizens who tried to do the best they could to make the people travel safely and comfortably, Oğuz Şenel, who worked as 10 year in Eskişehir Light Rail System Enterprise (ESTRAM), told about the experiences of the citizens in the day. Senel, about two months ago, Eskisehir Demyolu Workers Union started to work and previously Estram connected with the homeland, he said.

Eskişehir Railway Workers Union Financial Secretary Oğuz Şenel talked about how the citizens started their day and their working hours. Şenel said, ise To get to the service at Vatman 05.00, it has to be removed at least half an hour before. This corresponds to a clock like 04.30. In order to sleep regularly, the minimum time must be at 9, at the bed at 10, so that at least 6 will take one and a half hour to sleep. Now this is the fact that no one can sleep in 8, because most of our friends have married children. Since our business hours are an average of 8,5-9 hours, our daily work was carried out until 15: 30. The reflexes related to this, the clock is reduced after 12: 00 with 13: 00.

Over time, traffic and people competing with Şenel said, “You will go without an accident, you have to keep your time at the last stop. Since our waiting times at the intersections are low, some lights are arranged automatically and we arrange some of them. Here, the passengers do not have the luxury of waiting for us to wait a lot after the green burned. We're stopping traffic sometimes. Sometimes we're compromising ourselves to stop traffic. We leave the passengers looking at the eyes. The reactions are usually in this direction. Another reaction we see from the citizens is the obstacles that come our way. These are road vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles, animals, when they are in emergency braking. Citizens then say novice motherland. They do extrajudicial killings because they do not see the front side from the inside İçer.

Oğuz Şenel, who has been living in 10 for years, touched upon some of the problems that he encountered during his work and said: yıl During the journey, some citizens have the desire to enter between the opposite tram. This is not being avoided. Bike and motorcycle riders were engaged in various aerobatic movements. Some cyclists' wheels are accidentally broken between the rails and we had to pull the emergency brake in order not to crash. During emergency brake, those who came to us were also putting the passengers on the tram in danger. Acil

Şenel, using the tramway in terms of viewing angles are low, he said:
Zor Now it is very difficult for a 32-meter vehicle to feel a stroke on the left side of a vehicle with a mirror on its right side, or a stroke from the back of the 32 meter vehicle. We can't see the left side and back of the vehicle. Ara

On the other hand, Senel, while driving in the vehicle pregnant, old and disabled citizens thinking that they acted, he said. The obstacle in front of them, they said they both thought, so they called on citizens to be a little more sensitive.

Şenel said that citizenship is becoming a popular profession and that it is recommended to young people with a future. Stating that light rail systems have become the sine qua non of cities, Şenel noted that the people of the homeland have mastered weather conditions all over the city.
Eskişehir Railway Workers Union Financial Secretary Oğuz Şenel mentioned the conditions of being a citizen. Şenel said, miş When you buy Vatman, you must have completed at least 2 yearly university graduate, electrical, electronic or rail systems department. Apart from these, you must have a Class B driving license. It is also necessary to be successful in interview and entrance training. We can only get 30-10 in a group of 15 people. Our current citizens who work now have these criteria. Ş

Şenel also said that Eskişehir citizens prefer the tram for a cleaner environment.

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