antalya official official bus and anthra
07 Antalya

Official License Plates in Antalya and Antray Bayramda Free

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, took the necessary measures to make the people spend a comfortable and peaceful Ramadan. Many units, especially the police, fire brigade, ASAT, will be on duty during the Eid al-Fitr. The official plate of the Metropolitan Municipality vehicles, with Antray [more…]

Kadikoy fashion can not be done in the tram line
34 Istanbul

Excursions in Kadıköy-Moda Tram Line

Metro Istanbul, social media account T3 Kadikoy-Moda tram line, due to a technical failure announced that the expedition can not be made in the statement, "T3 Kadikoy-Moda tram line, due to a technical fault can not be made due to the expedition." Similar Railway motorway news: Kadıköy-Moda Nostalgic [more…]

discount on scholarship
16 Bursa

50 Discount in Bursa

BURULAŞ, the transport organization of Bursa Municipality, announced that all public transport vehicles will be discounted by 50 discount. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality transportation business organization BURULAS announced that there will be a reduction in transportation during the Ramadan Feast. [more…]

discount on mayista holiday discount for mayista students
16 Bursa

Transportation in Bursa '19 May' Free

Students' '19 May Atatürk Commemoration, Youth and Sports Day' public transportation vehicles that allow free access to the arrangement, the Metropolitan Municipality Council was adopted unanimously in the vote. The regular meeting of Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality was held. Greater Municipality [more…]

surprise for mothers in the nostalgic tram
07 Antalya

Surprise for Mothers on the Nostalgic Tram

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, on the Mother's Day nostalgic tram ride to the women passengers 3 thousand flowers were distributed. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. welcomed women passengers with a nice surprise on Mother's Day. Zerdalilik - The nostalgic tramway running on the museum route, [more…]