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Last Travels in Haydarpaşa

The Haydarpasa train station has played a very important role in Istanbul transportation for more than a century. The historical building, which was the first step of those coming from Anatolia, came to Istanbul. Now Haydarpaşa is resting. Because Ankara-Istanbul high-speed [more…]

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IZBAN trains need domestic goods

30 in Aliağa-Menderes line 2010 set train purchase tender, which has been opened for the purpose of providing comfortable and fast service since August 40, was won by South Korea company Hyundai Rotem in the new sets according to the tender specifications. [more…]

35 Izmir

If you have chosen

THE CONTEMPORARY SOLUTION TO IZMIR KENTİÇİ COLUMN TRANSPORTATION EGERAY İzmir has modern suburban system with the cooperation of Central Administration, Public Institution and Local Administration. Contemporary Solution for İzmir Urban Public Transportation: EGERAY AĞ [more…]