turkey railway between Georgia will hit the annual thousand tons of cargo handling
06 Ankara

Exit Turkey to Georgia with Inter Rail Freight Transportation Annual 500 Thousand Tons

Georgian Railways Logistics and Terminal Management Company and TCDD Transport AS delegations came together in Ankara to further activate the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line connected to the Middle Corridor TITR (Trans Caspian International Transport Route). [more…]

samsunda tram comes out in july
55 Samsun

Samsun's Tram to OMU in July

Nihat Soğuk, Deputy Chairman of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, stated that there is no issue of a raise in SAMULAŞ. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Council 12 in June. combination of 1. Commission meeting was held. Nihat, Deputy Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

tcdd discount tickets to the right of the police
06 Ankara

TCDD Discount Ticket Rights To The Police

State Railways of the Republic of Turkey, the military and every day of the year, the teacher does not recognize the right of recognizing the police discount. Get Discounted Every Day of the Year With the application launched in 2015, 50 discounted ticket entitlement to soldiers and police officers on certain days [more…]

bilecik arifiye railway line reopened to train traffic
11 Bilecik

High Speed ​​Train Scheduled Due to Rainfall Restarted

TR General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD), (18.06.2019) Bilecik-Arifiye Railway Doğançay-Alifuatpaşa stations 151-170 and 151-420'inci kilometers from 18.45'den announced that the train traffic closed from the hour. In the statement made by TCDD; “18.06.2019 Bilecik-Arifiye Railway Doğançay-Alifuatpaşa stations Extreme precipitation between Km.151 + 170-Km.151 + 420 [more…]

Bursarayda Campaigns Started Again
16 Bursa

Campaigns Restarted in Bursaray

In Bursa, due to a breakdown caused by a lightning strike, the train was restarted between Kültürpark-Nilüfer stations and Kültürpark-Karaman masters, which were temporarily closed. Power failure and lightning as a result of lightning strikes at Bursaray, the main backbone of public transport in Bursa, at noon [more…]

smart city bursaya corporate identity
16 Bursa

Corporate Identity for Smart City Bursa

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, within the scope of restructuring work towards enhancing the quality of life of citizens and solving the city's problems is a first in Turkey 'Intelligent Urbanization and Innovation Department has founded. ARGE Branch for Smart Urbanization and Innovation Department [more…]

world trade accelerates with railway
06 Ankara

World Trade Accelerates by Railway

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Turhan said that there has been significant changes in the course of world trade recently and that the axis of global trade has shifted to the east more and more every day. In the east against global-centered global institutional structures, [more…]