tanzanya kilimanjaro dagina will make cable car
255 Tanzania

Tanzania Will Make Cableway to Mount Kilimanjaro

Tanzania, which aims to attract tourists to Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa and to attract tourists to the region, started to discuss the project with Chinese and Western companies. According to the plan announced by Deputy Minister of Tourism of Tanzania Constantine Kanyasu, around 50.000 tourists annually 5 [more…]

turkey signature to water rail
249 Republic of Sudan

Signature in Sudan Railway Line to Turkey

In Turkey Rail's raysimaş operating in the systems domain General Manager Baran Mustache, will allow the port connections in Sudan Salloum-Suwakin-sheikibrah I iron the way the line feasibility studies, said they received the design and construction consultancy business, will begin then said hiring the signing of the contract [more…]

train crash
20 Egypt

Passenger Train Exits The Rail in Egypt

In Egypt, in the province of El-Menufiyya, the passenger train was derailed and 12 was wounded. Egyptian Ministry of Health Khaled Megahed, spokesman of the Ministry of Health in El-Menufiyye in the north of the new Shibin al-Sand station derailed a train as a result of the 12 person [more…]