Sustainable Innovative Systems in Public Transportation and Trolleybus

Sustainable Innovative Systems in Public Transport and Trolleybus SUSTAINABILITY • It is defined as the ability to be permanent. • The speed at which the resources are used does not exceed the production speed of the resource. • Sustainable Transportation; beyond the capacity of the transportation system to renew itself; [more…]

34 Istanbul

Students Travel to IETT's History

Students Travel to IETT's History IETT archive selected from the black-and-white photographs of the-Journey to History - IETT with photos Yolculuk exhibition was met with students. The exhibition titled ilgi Journey to History - IETT with Photographs Yolculuk featuring black and white photographs of great interest in the places where they were exhibited [more…]


Trolleybus? | Kocaeli

Trolleybus? Last week, the news boiled in the agenda, went boiling ğ I don't know, maybe not taken seriously, but I couldn't stop writing two lines about this development that surprised me. The point is that; Kocaeli [more…]


I'm coming to trivia bus

Izmit trolleybus is coming To solve the congestion in the traffic of the city of Izmit and to provide faster and comfortable transportation of citizens, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is in various researches. Metropolitan, now in the first place to travel between Sekapark and Yahya Captain [more…]


Trolleybus will not fit the streets

Trolleybus will not fit in the streets Saadet Party (SP) Malatya Province Minister Mehmet Asiltürk, SP party building hall of the party made in November to the Council meeting by the municipality decided that the Trolleybus system will not fit the streets and the streets to be removed again [more…]


Introduced to Trambus Press in Malatya

The Trolleybus (Trambus) public transport system, which will be implemented by the Municipality of Malatya, was introduced to the press. Alican Bozkurt, Deputy Mayor of the Municipality, Malatya Mayor Ahmet Çakır, who made a press statement together with the other officials, will be put into practice by the municipality. [more…]


Trolleybus arrives after tram in Samsun

Samsun city transportation, light rail system (tram) is the sister. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality; It is planning to implement the trolley bus which is used electrically and has been used in metropolitan cities such as Ankara, Istanbul and İzmir in the line of Gar-Canik-Tekkeköy. Has been operating in Samsun for about one and a half years [more…]