India train crash 100

Train Crash in India, 100 Dead

In the accident in India, 'Dussehra' festival to watch the train entered the crowd gathered to watch. 100 was reported killed. Amarinder Singh, the political leader of Punjab province, said that he could help the province's capital as quickly as he could [more…]


3. Airport Terminal Flooded

There are still important shortcomings in the third airport in Istanbul, which will be opened two weeks later. A video published by the Construction-Business Union revealed that the roof of the airport terminal leaked water from many points during the rains. Workers' bad working conditions are raised [more…]

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Çorlu Train Crunch

The train tragedy that took place in the Sarilar district of the Çorlu district of Tekirdağ was 2,5 months. However, families who still sacrifice their young girls to the disaster still await justice and account for those responsible. National Channel, spicy families deep [more…]

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Çorlu Train Crash

Exactly two months ago, 8 watched on Sunday at the full 17.00 in Uzunköprü-Halkalı The train that ran out was derailed in Çorlu. According to the official statements, the 25 has lost his life, and the 338 has been injured. soL HD, in the second month of the massacre [more…]

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TCDD Published a Level Crossing Animation

TCDD continues to prepare information animations for railway users. Previously added to the dangers of the catenary and not to throw stones to trains, a new one has been added to the animations. The scenario of this new animation is one of the erroneous behavior in barrier-level crossings [more…]


YHT Advertisement

YHT Advertisement Filed a Great Interest: From the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) account of TCDD, a funny and entertaining commercial film that upset the surly, cold and boring advertising logic was published. Advertising soon attracted great interest. Here [more…]

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800 Cars Passed by Train Surprised

Karaman said hundreds of vehicles by rail for the first time in Turkey was understood to be a part of this year, starting with railway freight car. Approximately 800 carried by train from Karaman continued on his way between the confused glances of those who saw the vehicle. From İzmit to Mersin [more…]


Hikmet Hoca's World of Trains

The program which is watched with interest by ES TV, is one of the leading names in our country on the topics of Corner Bucak Stories, Obstetrics and IVF. Dr. Hikmet was the guest of Hassa's dream world full of trains. Professor Dr. Hassa's 'fun and rest' [more…]