kpss 2018 2 1
06 Ankara

KPSS 2018-2 Preferences As a result of candidates who settled in TCDD

The Republic of Turkey State Railways Administration (TCDD) settled candidates until 30.01.2019 with TCDD Directorate General of Human Resources requested documents are required to apply in person at the Department of Appointment and Separation Division. REQUIRED DOCUMENTS 1- Health Board Report [more…]

Tuvasas National Train Project for 43 Engineers
54 Sakarya

TÜVASAŞ 'National Train Project' for 43 Engineers

TÜVASAŞ General Directorate National Engineers will be employed in the National Train Project within the framework of the Examinations and Appointment Regulations for Engineers to be employed, the Engineer Contract under the status of Decree Law No. 399 will be made. The quota of the personnel to be employed according to the results of the written and oral examination [more…]


Tüpraş Continues Recruitment

Vocational High Schools, Industrial Vocational High School, Anatolian Vocational High School, Technical High School, Anatolian Technical High School and Multi-Program High Schools; Electrical, Electronics, Electronics, Electronic Communication, Industrial Communication, Industrial Electronics, Industrial [more…]


TCDD Transport Will Make 73 Machinist Reception!

TCDD Transportation Inc. The staff announced they would do the reception. According to the publication published on the official website of the State Personnel Presidency, 73 will be recruited to train trainers. On the official website of the State Personnel Presidency announced: WE WILL BE PUBLISHED IN ISKUR IN 14.08.2018 HISTORY [more…]

11 Bilecik

TCDD Ex-convicts

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), Izmir province borders in 3, 1 3 total Bilecik held on for the recruitment of ex-offenders in provincial boundaries, including 02.05.2018 announced the results of an oral exam. On the official website of TCDD [more…]


TCDD Transport 25 will recruit personnel

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Transport Inc It was learned that the General Directorate will recruit 2018 personnel who are at least high school graduate according to the positions published in KPSS 1 / 25 central placement assignment. In the announcement made by SSPC State Railways Transportation Inc. [more…]