ego's new general manager was alkas
06 Ankara

Alkaş Becomes New General Manager of EGO

Mansur Yavaş, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, appointed Nihat Alkaş as EGO General Manager. Last May, EGO Deputy General Manager 15 July Veteran, Former Police Chief Fatih Eryılmaz'ı Yavaş appointed EGO General Directorate of curiosity [more…]

The intersections in opium karahisar were green
03 Afyonkarahisar

Intersections Turn Green in Afyonkarahisar

Afyonkarahisar Municipality, with the arrival of the summer months, has accelerated the work of green areas and afforestation. Afyonkarahisar Municipality, which continues its efforts to bring a new image and appearance to the city, is trying to make the entrance and exit points of the city aesthetically. [more…]

The army is urged to visit the reverse house
52 Army

Reverse House in Ordu

The “Reverse House”, which is among the unique projects of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality and has become the center of attention in terms of appearance, opens for visitors at 19 June Wednesday (Today). THE ORDU WILL ADD AN IMPORTANT VALUE Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, Altınordu district [more…]

tender bult

RayHaber 19.06.2019 Tender Bulletin

Afyon-Karakuyu Line Breaking and Retaining of Retaining Wall Similar railway road and cable car news: RayHaber 09.01.2019 Tender Bulletin 09 / 01 / 2019 Dormitory Station Additional Gare Road Construction Work Maintenance and Repair Service Will Be Taken RayHaber 03.01.2019 Tender Bulletin 03 / 01 / 2019 [more…]

bilecik arifiye railway line reopened to train traffic
11 Bilecik

High Speed ​​Train Scheduled Due to Rainfall Restarted

TR General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD), (18.06.2019) Bilecik-Arifiye Railway Doğançay-Alifuatpaşa stations 151-170 and 151-420'inci kilometers from 18.45'den announced that the train traffic closed from the hour. In the statement made by TCDD; “18.06.2019 Bilecik-Arifiye Railway Doğançay-Alifuatpaşa stations Extreme precipitation between Km.151 + 170-Km.151 + 420 [more…]

Bursarayda Campaigns Started Again
16 Bursa

Campaigns Restarted in Bursaray

In Bursa, due to a breakdown caused by a lightning strike, the train was restarted between Kültürpark-Nilüfer stations and Kültürpark-Karaman masters, which were temporarily closed. Power failure and lightning as a result of lightning strikes at Bursaray, the main backbone of public transport in Bursa, at noon [more…]

hero woman was awarded with sofor gold
01 Adana

Hero Woman Driver Awarded with Gold

Zeydan Karalar, Mayor of Adana Metropolitan Municipality, rewarded Adana Metropolitan Municipality Bus Driver Zeliha Elbüken, who brought her passengers to the hospital with a heart attack and returned to life. In the event, the support of the driver on the bus to the Adana, Zeliha Elbüken's sensitivity as a result Zilfo [more…]

gordese new bus stops
45 Manisa

New Bus Stations to Gordes

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, Gördes district center 3 has established the new point of stop. Citizens are not affected by the rain and the sun was established in order to attract attention with its modern appearance. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, Gordes public transportation using the sun [more…]

air taxi service in Mersin
33 Mersin

Air Taxi Service Starts in Mersin

The helicopter, taken by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality in April of 2018, started to serve with a brand new duty within the scope of the saving measures of Mayor Seçer. The helicopter belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality will now provide Air Taxi service. From the day he took office [more…]