special raybus
58 Sivas

100 of the Sivas Congress. Special Year

100 of the Sivas Congress. to the Divriği in Sivas - Divriği Raybüsü specially prepared for the year. Sivas Governor Salih Ayhan, Mayor Hilmi Bilgin, members of the protocol and students of the Faculty of Tourism of Cumhuriyet University were invited to the 100. the year [more…]

tudemsas board meeting was held
58 Sivas

TÜDEMSAŞ Board Meeting Was Held

TÜDEMSAŞ Board of Directors convened under the chairmanship of TÜDEMSAŞ Chairman and Deputy General Manager Mehmet Başoğlu, and held its monthly ordinary meeting. TÜDEMSAŞ Board of Directors members Abdulfettah Çetinkaya, Bilal Tırnakçı and Süleyman Şemdinoğlu following the meeting General Manager [more…]

nostalgia steam train in Izmir
35 Izmir

Steam Train Nostalgia in Izmir

integral part of the culture in Turkey in transportation and storage, which leave a trail of steam trains, Eurasia Rail Fair held in the context of the activities carried invitees summerhouse. TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Suitable and invited guests in Çamlık [more…]