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Passenger Train Exits The Rail in Egypt

According to the initial reports, 12 people were injured as a result of derailment of passenger train in El-Menufiyye province in Egypt. Khaled Megahed, spokesman for the Egyptian Ministry of Health, said that a train at the New Shibin al-Kum station in the Al-Menufiyya [more…]

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Train Crash in Egypt 34 Injured

In the accident in the Badraşin town of Giza in Egypt, the 3 wagon of the passenger train, which runs on the line of Aswan Dam, was derailed. The Ministry of Health of Egypt has injured at least 34 people in the accident, 25 to the scene [more…]

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15 Dead 40 Injured Trains In Egypt Wounded

A passenger train collided with a freight train in Boheira, Egypt. 15 people were killed and 40 people were injured. The number of those who lost their lives as a result of the collision of two trains in Egypt increased to 15. Egypt Ministry of Transport [more…]

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The train accident in Egypt has resigned

After the train accident in Egypt, the head of the National Railway Administration reportedly resigned. According to a written statement from the Ministry of Transport, Major Midhat Shushe, head of the National Railway Administration, collided with two trains in Alexandria, northern Egypt. [more…]

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Train Crash in Egypt

Train Accident in Egypt: In the early hours of the morning in the city of Beni Suwayf in Egypt, 70 person was injured as a result of a train toppling. Speaking to AA correspondent Beni Suveyf Provincial Health Director Cemal al-Cevheri, a morning [more…]


Historical Stone Bridge Conference at 100 in Beyşehir

Historical Taşköprü Conference in 100 in Beyşehir: 100 in Beyşehir district of Konya. The historic Taşköprü, the symbol of the district, which was celebrated for a century with various activities organized within the scope of year activities, was discussed at a conference held. Selcuk [more…]