34 Istanbul

AVM's hope in public transport

avmn the prospect of public transport: Day by day increasing the number of shopping centers in Turkey were 370. Approximately one third of the shopping malls with a total turnover of 70 billion dollars are located in Istanbul. [more…]

07 Antalya

Anthraine Women's Homeland

Women's Vatimans of the Antray: The Light Rail System of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality The female patrons working in Antray carry thousands of people. 35 out of 5 people sitting in the vatman seat of the iron rails are women [more…]


Sakarya Light rail full gas

The works started for the Sakarya Light Rail System Full Gas Light Rail System continue. The construction of the station continues for four months, the tender of which has been completed. Four intermediate stations [more…]


Where's the light rail going?

The title of yesterday's writing was "Heavy Conflicts on Light Rail", and the subject was contradictory numbers in the number of passengers. Contradictions are not limited to the number of passengers; information pollution exists in almost every subject. From Route, [more…]