Government Puts It's Final Point on Rent Limits to Landlords
31 Netherlands

Government Ends Rent Limit Shock to Landlords!

A very important decision came from the Netherlands, as the housing sector is having problems in the global arena. The Dutch government is using the free market to protect the middle income groups against the rapidly increasing house rents due to the housing shortage. [more…]

Audi Illuminates the Way to the Future
49 Germany

Audi Illuminates the Path to the Future

Always keeping the issue of safety and customer satisfaction at the forefront, Audi has added a new one to its work on these two issues, which form the basis of its success. Headlight technology is becoming more and more important nowadays. [more…]

Continental SportContact Wins Tests
49 Germany

Continental SportContact 7 Wins Tests

SportContact 7, the new sports tire of technology company and premium tire manufacturer Continental, was awarded the highest rating among ten tires tested in the sports tire segment in summer tire tests conducted in Germany. [more…]

FIA ETCR Season Starts in France
33 France

FIA-ETCR 2022 Season Begins in France!

There are only a few days left until the start of the FIA-ETCR season, the international motor sports organization where fully electric cars compete fiercely. The first leg will start on 6-8 May 2022 in Pau, France. mind-blowing [more…]

Peugeot SPORT and Capgemini Join Forces
33 France

Peugeot SPORT and Capgemini Join Forces

To provide PEUGEOT 9X8's FIA World Endurance Championship team with advanced digital tools, PEUGEOT SPORT has signed a long-term partnership agreement with Capgemini, the world leader in digital transformation. Brand, top this summer [more…]