Istanbul governorship will be closed in terms of taksim metro entrance and funicular
34 Istanbul

Taksim Metro Entrance and Funicular Will Be Closed By 14.00:XNUMX

Before the Feminist Night March to be held in Taksim at the invitation of women in Istanbul, the Governorship of Istanbul announced that all roads leading to Taksim will be closed as of 14.00:14.00. Metro Istanbul announced that Taksim station will be closed from XNUMX:XNUMX with the decision of the Governor's Office. By the decision of the Governorship of Istanbul [more…]

istanbul rail systems network map
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Istanbul Rail Systems Network Map 2021

With the rail systems to be put into service this year, by the end of 2030, Istanbul will have the second longest metro network in the world after New York, with a line of 776 kilometers. You will need Istanbul in this big city [more…]

How to match istanbulkart account code
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How to Match Istanbulkart HEPP Code?

In the decision taken by the Ministry of Health within the scope of Covid-19 measures, HES code control in public transportation has been made mandatory. With this decision, which guarantees public health, it is aimed to make urban transportation safer during the pandemic period. [more…]

Ali mountain funicular project progresses step by step
38 Kayseri

Ali Mountain Funicular Project Moves Step by Step

Feasibility studies for the Funicular System to be built on Ali Mountain by Talas Municipality continue at full speed. Finally, a teleconference meeting was held with the managers and technical team of a world-renowned international company that has done business in many countries on this subject. President [more…]

Funicular Line Coming to Ali Mountain!
38 Kayseri

Funicular Line Coming to Ali Mountain!

Talas Mayor Mustafa Yalçın Kay TV - Erciyes TV and Kay Radio announced that they will build a Funicular System on Ali Mountain in the program 'Kayseri Day Begins', where he was a guest on a joint broadcast, and announced that the cost of the system will reach 60 million liras. Kay [more…]

HEPP Code Made Mandatory in Urban Public Transport
Commuter Trains

HEPP Code Made Mandatory in Urban Public Transport

The Ministry of Interior sent a circular to the governorships of 81 provinces. Accordingly, the HES code has been made mandatory in urban public transportation and accommodation. Here are all the details of the HES code requirement in urban transportation ... To 81 Provincial Governorships In-city [more…]

kiev funicular line will start working again in august
7 Russia

Kiev Funicular Line to Restart on August 22

As reported by the Kiev city government, maintenance and repairs are ongoing at the Kiev funicular, and it will start working again on 22 August. According to the information received, it was pointed out that the repair works are carried out at the same time every year. [more…]

New funicular line news from imamogl
34 Istanbul

Good News of 5 New Funicular Line from İmamoğlu

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu solved the financial problems and restarted the works on the F4 Rumelihisarüstü-Aşiyan funicular line, which was stopped during the previous administration period. Emphasizing that they have produced projects to bring the people of Istanbul together with the sea, İmamoğlu gave the good news of 5 new lines. "People to the sea [more…]

Works on rumelihisarustu funicular line started again
34 Istanbul

Works on Rumelihisarüstü Aşiyan Funicular Line Restarted

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu solved the financial problems and restarted the works on the F4 Rumelihisarüstü-Aşiyan funicular line, which was stopped during the previous administration period. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) started its construction on June 7, 2017 by the previous administration, but after a while [more…]

IMM forte enterprises in the first turkey
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IBB Company Fortune 500 First Turkey

IMM six subsidiaries, the "Fortune 500 Turkey" took place in the list. Affiliate companies in the list; İGDAŞ, METRO İSTANBUL, İSTAÇ, KİPTAŞ, İSTGÜVEN and İSTANBUL TRANSPORTATION became. Measuring the performance of companies within the framework of certain criteria and seeing their place in the competition [more…]

Funicular and nostalgic tram services are stopped in Istanbul
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Funicular and Nostalgic Tram Flights Stopped in Istanbul

IMM presented the rescheduling of metro services to the Pandemic Committee within the scope of coronavirus measures and informed the Provincial Hygiene Board. Announcing the decisions taken, Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu stated that the metro services will end at 21.00:XNUMX on Monday, and the finukular and nostalgic tram services will [more…]