hidden cause of spine pain

Hidden Cause of Spine Pain

Specialist Physiotherapist Mirsad Alkan, who stated that correct sitting habits are lost with working from home and that the person also engages in unhealthy behaviors such as lying down, said that this situation causes neglected sacroiliac joint pain. [more…]

vision loss may be a harbinger of a brain tumor

Vision Loss May Herald Brain Tumor

Decreased visual functions and severe headache may be signs of a brain tumor. The pituitary gland is a pea-sized gland located in the bone structure at the base of the brain called Sella Turcica. Has a big impact on our body [more…]

the mistake that makes it difficult to lose weight

Mistakes That Make Weight Loss Difficult

You may have heard phrases such as "It helps if I drink water", "I don't eat at all, but I'm still gaining weight" from many people who want to lose weight, but some behaviors done intentionally or unknowingly while dieting or just maintaining weight control [more…]

Health Exercises in Complete Closure from IMM

Health Exercises in Complete Closure from IMM

IMM increased the sessions of home exercise series in order for everyone to have their full closure period physically and mentally fit. Exercises that can be done at home with expert trainers reduce the risk of many diseases while reducing body resistance against viral infections such as Covid-19. [more…]

Maintenance of the toothbrush is extremely vital

Toothbrush Care Is Very Vital

Brushing and flossing twice a day is important for good oral care. This makes the maintenance of your toothbrush extremely vital. Making the most of toothbrushes and making sure they stay effective [more…]

watch out for bladder cancer

Attention to Bladder Cancer!

Bladder cancer, in which smoking, paint, metal, oil and petroleum products, and exposure to radiation play a role in its development, continues to be a nightmare for people. Related to bladder cancer 3-4 times more common in men [more…]

How Athletes Should Eat

How should athletes be fed?

Dietician Salih Gürel gave important information about nutrition in athletes. It is accepted that adequate and balanced nutrition does not guarantee the success of an athlete, but inadequate and unbalanced nutrition causes some health problems and low performance. In sports nutrition [more…]

fetal surgery

What is Jaw Surgery?

The jaw is a functional structure formed by the articulation of two bones with each other and with the other facial bones. The area that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of structural disorders in the jaw bones is jaw surgery. While it can be included in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery [more…]

Can diabetes cause eye diseases?

Can Diabetes Cause Eye Diseases?

It is known by almost everyone that diabetes causes eye problems. It is known by almost everyone that diabetes causes eye problems. Emphasizing that if these problems are detected early, the success of the treatment is higher, Anadolu Medical Center. [more…]

asthma is not a contagious infection

Myths About Asthma

President of Allergy and Asthma Association Prof. Dr. Ahmet Akçay talked about the misconceptions about asthma and what should be known about asthma for the World Asthma Day event. Asthma disease, allergens and environmental factors in our environment in the airways of the lungs [more…]

obesity increases the risk of asthma

Does Obesity Increase the Risk of Asthma?

In recent years, while obesity continues to increase inexorably all over the world, asthma follows obesity with a similar increase. Private Adatıp Istanbul Hospital General Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Sinan, even obesity alone, asthma [more…]

urinary tract infections can be a sign of menopause

Urinary Tract Infections Can Be A Sign Of Menopause

The menopause period, when the woman's menstrual cycle ends and cannot conceive, manifests itself with many symptoms. Reminding that the basis of these symptoms is the decrease in the production of estrogen and progesterone hormones, Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Prof. Dr. Rukset Attar, menopause [more…]