The first pickaxe is hit for the ankara bicycle road project
06 Ankara

First Pickaxe Shot for Ankara Bicycle Road Project

The first pickaxe is hit for the Bicycle Road Project, which Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş promised to the Capitals. Stating that transportation policies are now shaping the cities, Mayor Yavaş said, “We attach great importance to bicycle transportation. 1 of the project [more…]

Tender for advertising to eshot buses concluded
35 Izmir

Advertisement Tender for ESHOT Buses Concluded

Savronik Elektronik A.Ş. was awarded the tender for the usage of the buses, stops and transfer centers opened by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality for advertising for five years. won. The company will pay ESHOT 60 million pounds. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General [more…]

Bandirma logistics will be organized
10 Balikesir

Bandırma Logistics Workshop Will Be Held

Bandırma Chamber of Commerce (BTO) 16th Professional Committee will organize a “Bandırma Logistics Workshop” at Bandırma Chamber of Commerce (BTO) meeting room on Thursday, 27 February at 13.30. Bandırma 17 Eylül University Foreign Trade [more…]