Good News of Rail System and Trambus to Şanlıurfa!
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Good News of Rail System and Trambus to Şanlıurfa!

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality, which serves the people of Urfa with a fair, sharing and innovative staff with the understanding of service to the public, Service to the Right, from Transportation to Urban Transformation, from Green Urfa to Agriculture, Livestock and Economy, and Education and Training. [more…]

increase in malatya city public transport fares
44 Malatya

Increase in Malatya City Public Transport Fees

In line with the UKOME Decision, an update was made in the fares of urban public transportation vehicles serving within the body of Malatya Metropolitan Municipality MOTAŞ. Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Services dated 29 July 2021. [more…]

İBB Metrobus Discusses Converting into Trolley
34 Istanbul

İBB Metrobus Discusses Converting into Trolley

After the test drives of the new domestically produced metrobuses did not pass inspection, work began on a new project related to the metrobus line in the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. According to the information obtained, the transformation of the metrobus to trolleybus is on the agenda of the IMM. [more…]

Farewell to Trolleybuses Working in Moscow Since 1933
7 Russia

Farewell to Trolleybuses Running in Moscow Since 1933

“If a list of the factors paralyzing the traffic in the center of Moscow were made, trolleybuses would probably have a definite place at the top of the list… The veteran trolleybuses, most of which are of museum age, with their cables that often break while manoeuvring, fail and break down. [more…]

malatyada yksye students will enter the bus free
44 Malatya

Free Buses for Students Going to YKS in Malatya

Candidates who will take the YKS exam on June 15-16 will benefit from public transportation vehicles belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality free of charge by showing the exam entry document. Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, Higher Education Institutions to be held this weekend [more…]

motas tools being disinfected
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MOTAŞ Tools Disinfected

Working to maximize customer satisfaction, MOTAŞ continues to carry out detailed cleaning as well as daily cleaning of the vehicles in order to transport passengers in a cleaner and more hygienic environment. Each [more…]

sanliurfa last year in 4 jumped over year cag
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Sanliurfa Latest 4 Year Jumps in Transportation

Realizing exemplary practices in the field of public transportation in Şanlıurfa, the Metropolitan Municipality is one of the largest transportation networks in Turkey with the number of buses increased to 4 in the last 314 years and services to 49 different routes. [more…]


Trambus test drive started in Sanliurfa

Trambus test drives in Şanlıurfa were successfully completed. The trambus, which will serve on line 63 between Abide and Balıklıgöl, received full marks by completing its transportation without any problems in the test drive. Sanliurfa Metropolitan [more…]