Hasankeyf bridge is getting hungry tomorrow
72 Batman

Hasankeyf-2 Bridge Opens Tomorrow

Turkey's longest bridge work will take place at the Bridge of Hasankeyf-2 has been completed and the opening ceremony is scheduled to be performed tomorrow. The opening of the bridge, which provides a connection between Batman, Mardin and Habur Border Gate and which increases road safety and comfort, was opened by President Recep Tayyip. [more…]

percent of yavuz sultan selim bridge is sold
34 Istanbul

51 percent of Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge is sold

IC İçtaş came to the signing stage in the negotiations with the Chinese for the sale of the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and 51 percent of the Northern Ring Motorway. Yavuz Sultan Selim- Northern Ring Motorway, Osmangazi Bridge and Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Highway, Eurasia Tunnel, build-operate [more…]

bulbul stream pedestrian bridge counts days for emergency
52 Army

Bülbül Stream Pedestrian Bridge is Counting Days for Opening

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality has reached the final stage in the works it has started to renew the pedestrian bridge, which is located on the Bülbül Stream and provides the connection between the cable car and the Çivisiz Mescit on Altınordu Coast. Citizens, with the works implemented and planned in 19 districts of Ordu [more…]

Billion TL guarantee payment for osmangazi bridge
41 Kocaeli

1.6 Billion TL Guarantee Payment for Osmangazi Bridge

2020 billion lira was paid to Osmangazi Bridge and Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir Motorway within the scope of the "guarantee" for the second half of 1 (31 July-1.6 December). Sources close to the operator Otoyol Yatırım AŞ said that the payment was made within the last week. Osmangazi Bridge and [more…]

where is the estuary bridge
34 Istanbul

Where is the Golden Horn Bridge? Golden Horn Bridge History

It is one of the bridges on the Golden Horn in Istanbul. It lies between Ayvansaray and Halıcıoğlu. In 1971, the construction of the Bosphorus Bridge, the ring road and the third bridge to the Golden Horn was agreed upon. This bridge that provides the passage of the Bosphorus Bridge ring roads to the Golden Horn, [more…]

where is the bridge of justinian
54 Sakarya

Where is Justinianus Bridge? Justinianus Bridge History

Justinian Sangarius Bridge or Bridge (popularly: Beşköprü), in Turkey, dating from the late Roman period, is a stone bridge over the River Sakarya. The building was built by the Eastern Roman Emperor Justinianus (527--565) to facilitate the transportation between the capital city Constantinople and the empire's eastern provinces. [more…]

Where is Cesnigir Bridge History of Cesnigir Bridge
71 Kirikkale

Where is Çeşnigir Bridge? Çeşnigir Bridge History

Çeşnigir Bridge is a bridge built between the Karakeçili district of Kırıkkale and Köprüköy district, on the Kızılırmak River located within the borders of Keskin, during the period of the Great Seljuk State. Çeşnigir Bridge History Although the exact date of construction of the bridge is not known, its architecture and [more…]

Historical Batiayaz Bridge Has Been Repaired According To The Original
31 Hatay

Historical Batıayaz Bridge Repaired Properly

Historic Batıayaz Bridge Has Been Repaired According To Its Original; Hatay Metropolitan Municipality has completed the repair of the damage to the historical Batıayaz Bridge. After the necessary permissions have been issued for the repair of the damage caused by the impact of a construction machine, the HBB teams have carefully carried out [more…]

husni bridge is more secure now
20 Denizli

Hosni Bridge is Now Safer

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality eliminated the collapsed wooden bridge on the Dalaman Stream and built a safe and modern bridge in its place by eliminating the risk of collapse from time to time. 66 meters long, made of reinforced concrete [more…]

The Historic Batiayaz Bridge is Repaired
31 Hatay

Historic West White Bridge is being Repaired

Hatay Metropolitan Municipality will start the repair of the damage on the historic Batıayaz Bridge this month. HBB teams are responsible for the repair of the damage caused by the impact of a construction machine in September of last year, because the bridge is a 1st Degree Registered Building. [more…]

The pedestrian bridge of the bulbul stream is being renewed
52 Army

Bülbül Stream Pedestrian Bridge is Renewed

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality continues its works to renew the pedestrian bridge, which is located on Bülbül Creek and provides the connection between the cable car and Çivisiz Mescit on Altınordu Coast. With the renewal of the bridge, the walking path that continues uninterrupted along the coastline [more…]