Cin Automotive Sector Is Recovering
86 China

Chinese Automotive Sector Rebounds

It has been reported that there is a recovery trend in China's automotive industry. According to the data released by the Ministry of Industry and Informatics of China, the number of vehicles produced by the 1 main enterprises in the country during the period of May 18-15, compared to the same period last year. [more…]

MG Completed Its First Year in Turkey

MG Completed Its First Year in Turkey

The legendary British automobile brand MG, of which Doğan Trend Automotive, operating under the umbrella of Doğan Holding, is the Turkey distributor, has completed its first year in Turkey. Evaluating the successful graphic of all its brands and [more…]

Euromaster Will Be the Pioneer in Electric Vehicle Maintenance

Euromaster Will Pioneer in Electric Vehicle Maintenance

Euromaster, which provides professional tire and vehicle maintenance services under the umbrella of the Michelin Group, shared the steps it has taken and will take for digitalization at the event it held with the slogan "The future begins today". At the meeting, the digitalization of Euromaster dealers [more…]

TOSFED Mobile Training Simulator is on the Road
06 Ankara

TOSFED Mobile Training Simulator is on the Road

Turkish Automobile Sports Federation (TOSFED) launched the Mobile Training Simulator project, which it developed to discover talents among primary school students aged 7-11, promote automobile sports and strengthen the infrastructure of sports. International Automobile Federation [more…]

Isbike Cycling School Registrations Started
34 Istanbul

Isbike Cycling School Registrations Started

Free bike trainings, which started last summer by İSPARK, continue this year as well. Registration has started for the "Isbike Bicycle School" located in Yenikapı and Maltepe Orhangazi City Park. Applications can be made through the website [more…]

Percent Increase in ISPARK Fees
34 Istanbul

25 Percent Increase in ISPARK Fees!

In line with the unanimous decision taken at the second meeting of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Assembly May sessions, a 25 percent increase was made for the parking lots operated by ISPARK. In the session, the percentage to be made to the İSPARK personnel of the İBB administration [more…]

G Mobix Project Launched at Ipsala Border Gate
22 Edirne

5G-Mobix Project Launched at Ipsala Border Gate

The 2020G-Mobix project, which aims to develop autonomous vehicle functions through 5G communication technologies, supported by Horizon 5, the European Union technological support program, was launched at the İpsala Border Gate. Together with TÜBİTAK BİLGEM from Turkey [more…]

Dreams Come True with Hyundai IONIQ Robotaxi
82 Korea (South)

Dreams Come True with Hyundai IONIQ 5 Robotaxi

Hyundai Motor Company continues to reap the rewards of its investments and efforts in the field of technology. Hyundai, which made a great impression with the driverless taxi concept it introduced at the IAA Mobility Fair last year, has now brought this project to life. [more…]

Audi Illuminates the Way to the Future
49 Germany

Audi Illuminates the Path to the Future

Always keeping the issue of safety and customer satisfaction at the forefront, Audi has added a new one to its work on these two issues, which form the basis of its success. Headlight technology is becoming more and more important nowadays. [more…]

TOGG Started Trials with Pieces
16 Bursa

Partial Trials Started at TOGG Factory

208 robots, whose installation was completed at the Togg Gemlik Facility, which is defined as “More than a Factory” with its functions gathered under the same roof, and its smart and environmental features, started partial trials after the trials without any parts. Togg [more…]