melbourne tram line operated with sun energy
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Melbourne Operates Tramway

Melbourne, the capital of the state of Victoria, which has the title of being the second largest city in Australia, started operating the entire tram network in the city with solar energy. Official opening last week [more…]

melbourne tram runs completely with solar energy
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Melbourne Tram Works on Solar Power

Melbourne, the capital of the state of Victoria, which aims to increase the renewable energy target by 50 percent, operates the entire tram network in the city with solar energy. Being the second largest city in Australia [more…]

Australia train crash 16 injured
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In Australia injured train crash 16

Approaching the Richmond station in northwestern Sydney, Australia, the train was unable to stop and land passengers, hitting 16 barriers and injuring them. New South who made a statement about the accident [more…]

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Little Boy With Train Down From Peron

Little Boy Fell Between Train and Platform: At Sydney's Cronulla train station, the little boy fell between the train and the platform. The incident was reflected on security cameras moment by moment. Acquired [more…]

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TCDD Hosts Austrian Delegation

TCDD Hosted the Austrian Delegation: A meeting was held between TCDD and representatives of companies operating in the railway sector in Austria at Ankara Gar Kule Restaurant Behiç Erkin Hall. Meeting [more…]

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Bombardier Trains Reached Australia

Bombardier Trains Arrived in Australia: The first of the new electric trains Bombardier manufactured for Australian Railways reached Brisbane in Australia on February 16th. Serving Australia's southeast Queensland Suburb [more…]

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Sulfuric Acid Train

The train carrying sulfuric acid is derailed: An emergency is declared in an area of ​​200 kilometers due to the derailment of 2 thousand liters of sulfuric acid-carrying freight train in Australia. [more…]

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Death-death struggle on train tracks (Video)

The struggle for life and death on the train tracks: The incident that took place in a train station in Australia and brought heart to mouth was reflected in the security camera. Little trying to get the toy falling on the tracks at the Flemington station [more…]

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Railroad Employees Strike in Melbourne

Railway Workers Go On Strike in Melbourne: The Melbourne railway union has decided to strike two days. Experts say the two-day strike on trains that play a key role in the transportation of the city [more…]