transporter from you at antalya airport
07 Antalya

Transport Memur-Sen condemns the incident in Antalya Airport

Transportation Officer-Sen condemned the verbal and physical violence of Pars Special Security personnel at the 3 Air Traffic Controller at Antalya Airport. The written statement made by the Transport Officer-Sen follows; Lar Recently, DHMİ employees of private security personnel at Antalya Airport [more…]

06 Ankara

X-ray devices will be placed in Ankara

X-ray equipment will be installed in Ankara in Ankara: Measures have been increased in order to prevent bloody terrorist activities in Ankara. In line with the new decisions taken, Ankara will be located at the 100 metro entrance in Ankara. Measures to prevent the bloody terrorist activities in Ankara [more…]


Izmit Garage wide security

Security in Izmit Garage: Security measures were increased in public institutions and organizations after the July coup attempt in 15. The X-Ray device was entered to the entrance door of the station while the entrances were being entered in order to allow the citizens to travel in peace. the bus station [more…]


Moving minutes in Izmit Train Station

Moving minutes in Izmit Train Station: There were moving minutes in Izmit Train Station. At the entrance of the garage there was a discussion between the suspect and the police. While the person was taken into custody, the bag was taken out of the garage in any case and an expert team was called. Izmit [more…]