Traffic traffic and traffic week activities in Istanbul
34 Istanbul

Pedestrian Priority Traffic Year and Traffic Week Event was Held in Istanbul

2019 year of the Ministry of the Interior, ”Priority of Life, Emitting Priority” with the slogan ayan Year of Priority Precedent ın was organized within the scope of the Istanbul Security Directorate event. Istanbul Governor and the Deputy Mayor Ali Yerlikaya, who attended the event said, ve [more…]

the end of the city of alasehir
45 Manisa

Alaşehir's Junction Ends

In order to ensure traffic safety and to relieve the flow of traffic, the project of the intersection of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, which started to be constructed on the İzmir-Denizli highway, has come to an end. In the past months, the sunk (bottom) has reached the [more…]

speedy train to relieve highway traffic
03 Afyonkarahisar

Fast Train to Relieve Highway Traffic

Afyon Kocatepe University Faculty of Engineering Department of Civil Engineering Dr. Hüseyin Akbulut stated that the implementation of high speed train projects in the recent period will increase the traffic safety on the highways and the traffic load of the city at an important road junction such as Afyonkarahisar. [more…]

Intercity Railways

MMO Announces Transport and Traffic Policies Report

TMMOB Chamber of Mechanical Engineers (MMO) evaluates transportation policies in the edi Planning Requirement in Transportation and Traffic Policies iki Room Report which is updated every two years. Handling of the subject in our country, freight and passenger transport by years and types of transportation, sectoral [more…]


High-speed and overpass works in Karaman

In order to prevent traffic accidents and accelerate the urban traffic flow, construction of the overpass and overpasses in Karaman, which has started to be constructed under the Karaman-Ulukışla High Speed ​​Railway Project, continues rapidly. TCDD General Manager İsa ApaydınRailway in Karaman [more…]


MOTAŞ Personnel, Training Given

MOTAŞ Personnel were Trained: Training was given to MOTAŞ personnel on “Safe and Efficient Driving Techniques MOT. MOTAŞ continues its training seminars. Technical Trainer in the ve Safe and Efficient Driving Techniques Salon program held in Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Conference Hall [more…]


Samsun Tram Line Accidents (Video)

Samsun Tramway Line Accidents: Traffic accidents in the light rail system in Samsun were reflected in the security cameras. Light rail transportation, which is one of the safe and comfortable urban transportation vehicles, is also developing day by day in Samsun. [more…]


Additional strip to Kargı Junction

Additional strip to Kargı Junction: Samsun Regional Directorate of Highways stated that additional strips could be made to Kargı Junction where traffic accidents occur frequently. General Directorate of Highways, Samsun Regional Directorate, where the number of fatal accidents at the Kargı Junction has increased, [more…]


Traffic Accident Statistics Announced

Traffic Accident Statistics Announced: Highway Traffic Safety Action Plan within the framework of Traffic Commenting on the introduction of the Electronic Control Systems Deputy Police Chief Necati Özdemiroğlu, "4 thousand party scene in the last one year in traffic accidents in Turkey, 8 [more…]


Traffic Safety and Cooperation Meeting

Traffic Safety and Cooperation Meeting: 2 of the arasında Information Sharing and Evaluation Regional Meeting “within the scope of the N Traffic Safety Cooperation Protocol“ signed between the General Directorate of Security and the related institutions within the framework of the Road Traffic Safety Action Plan Narlıdere Polis Moral Training [more…]


How long is a signaling?

A Signalization How Many Valuable: Traffic signs and signaling that are not placed on the streets and streets where traffic is busy, almost invites traffic accidents. Atakum Mimar Sinan Neighborhood Mustafa Kemal Boulevard and 124. At the intersection of the Street [more…]