izmit and kandira are modernizing roads
41 Kocaeli

Izmit and Kandira Ways Modernize

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, the natural events and due to deformed roads for the maintenance and repair of tenders. 21 has submitted a tender for the ales Road Maintenance and Construction Work Bakım tender for Izmit and Kandira districts. Approximate cost of work [more…]

kandirada bay roads renewed
41 Kocaeli

Village Roads Renewed in Kandira

The Metropolitan Municipality continues its road construction works in villages as it is in many parts of Kocaeli. In this context, road maintenance, repair and construction works were completed on some roads in Duraklı, Pınardüzü, Hüdaverdiler and Duraçalı villages of Kandıra district. Asphalting [more…]


Renewing Road Lines in Kocaeli

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department continues its activities to increase traffic safety throughout the city. In this context, horizontal marking works are carried out on newly constructed roads and lines that are erased over time in the city. Applications Izmit, Gebze, Golcuk, Kandira, [more…]