lgv rhin rhone high speed train line is being extended
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LGV Rhin-Rhône High Speed ​​Train Line Extends

In France, the first stage of the 2011 in 140, the first stage of the LGV Rhin-Rhône high-speed train line, is being extended. The line isolated from the rest of the high-speed train network is located at both ends to allow TGVs to serve Dijon and Mulhouse. [more…]

33 France

Competition on rails is heating up

Competition on rails is growing: German railway company Deutsche Bahn introduces the new high-speed train model. High-speed trains that are competing for the air travel are competing not only with speed but also with comfort. European railways with airline tickets [more…]

33 France

World's Fastest Trains

The World's Fastest Trains: The rails now have a new champion. Japan's magnetic levitation train reached a new record with an 603 speed per hour. The rails now have a new champion. Japanese magnetic levitation train per hour [more…]


Yüksek Hızlı Tren

High-Speed ​​Train Railways, 1 World War I, and 2 were the modes of human, economic, political, effective and ever-evolving transport in both civilian and military areas in the years following World War I. Railways; The speed of this' Industry [more…]


What is the Fast Train

A high-speed train is a railway vehicle that allows you to travel faster than normal trains. The 200 km / h on the tracks fitted with the old system is called trains that can travel at the 250 km / h with the new system. Turkey in Ankara-Eskisehir line [more…]

Prysmian cable for domestic production rail cables

Fast Train in the World

Fast trains are currently being used in European countries such as France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, China and South Korea. Leading the fast train lines, Japan is also the country with the highest passenger density. 120 with more than 305 trains per year [more…]