burglar brake on trains in izmir
35 Izmir

Thief Brake to Trains in Izmir

Fiber monitoring cables and braking systems 7 were stolen 14 once a month on the railway line in Izmir where İZBAN and commuter trains pass. 100 thousand pounds thieves that caused the public harm endangered the lives of the citizen Metin Burmalı'nın Yeniasır'dan [more…]

06 Ankara

YHT Cable thieves caught trapped

YHT Cable thieves were caught by trapping: 3, who was stealing the signaling cables of YHT in Ankara Polatlı, was caught by the crime. Due to theft of cables, the YHT flights stopped close to the 20 time. Polatlı line of thieves stealing cables passing under the bridge [more…]

06 Ankara

The YHT line's signaling cables

YHT line signaling cable to those who stole: Polatlı Ankara Polatlı under the high-speed train bridge signaling cables under the second time trying to steal 3 people were caught by the gendarmerie. The signaling cables of the YHT line in Polatlı district were stolen. According to information received, the county [more…]


Special team for YHT in Sapancada

A special team was created for YHT in Sapanca: In Sakarya's Sapanca district, a team consisting of 20 people was established for theft from the High Speed ​​train line. 4 people playing cable from the ongoing High Speed ​​train line in Sapanca district of Sakarya [more…]

06 Ankara

They stole the cable of the high-speed train

They stole the cable of the high-speed train: 2 suspects were arrested in connection with the theft of signaling cables on the High-Speed ​​Train in Konya. Gendarmerie teams, Konya-Ankara High-Speed ​​Train line, signaling systems launched the investigation of theft of cables running. The line is 150 with 156 [more…]