surprise for mothers in the nostalgic tram
07 Antalya

Surprise for Mothers on the Nostalgic Tram

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, on the Mother's Day nostalgic tram ride to the women passengers 3 thousand flowers were distributed. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. welcomed women passengers with a nice surprise on Mother's Day. Zerdalilik - The nostalgic tramway running on the museum route, [more…]


Happy mothers day

Our mothers, who have raised us with various kinds of sacrifices and labor with our unrequited love throughout our lives, are our most precious beings in the world. Preparing us for the tough exams of life, and making sure that every day we spend with our mothers who have great efforts in growing up as self-confident, determined individuals [more…]


Minister Arslan's Mother's Day Message

Minister Arslan's Mother's Day Message: Our nation is the biggest share in keeping the values ​​that keep us together, keeping us together, and maintaining our culture and traditions. Mothers, altruism, compassion and mercy in the world that makes us the nation, the values ​​that connect us to each other [more…]

34 Istanbul

Nostalgic Tram Decorated for Mothers

Nostalgic Tram Decorated for Mothers: The Mother's Day was decorated with flowers and the nostalgic tram, which is one of the symbols of Taksim, was watched with the interest of citizens and tourists. The nostalgic tram was specially decorated for Mother's Day. Citizens and tourists, with flowers attached to the tram watched with interest. Over [more…]