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85 native to trams of Izmir

The trams of Izmir are the 85 locals: While the tram lines of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality are being built, the tram cars are produced at Hyundai Eurotem facilities in Adapazarı. TCDD General Manager Ömer Yıldız and Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Aziz Kocaoğlu about the production process of vehicles in Adapazarı [more…]

izmir tramway
35 Izmir

Design of Izmir's Trams

The design of the trams of Izmir was determined: The Metropolitan Municipality determined the exterior and interior design of the tramways of Izmir. In the design, the theme of the sea city Izmir came forward. Caher Dudayev on the rail laying of the Karşıyaka-Konak tram projects, which are prepared to breathe urban traffic. [more…]

izmirin tram lines map
35 Izmir

Izmir's Tram Lines Map

Izmir Tram Map: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, has opened an international tender for the 22 kilometer trolley line. The most important feature of the tender was that it included the purchase of vehicles along with construction. Tender… Dogus, Alarko, such as the world-wide business of Turkish contracting [more…]