09 Aydin

Truck Cargo Truck Hit 1

1 Injured: One person was injured in the train crash in the morning. The driver of the truck, hit by the freight train, paid the urgency and urgency of the truck more and more with his life. Aydin Efeler against the accident [more…]

09 Aydin

Trainer Struck at Nazilli by Heavy

In Nazilli, the person hit by the train seriously injured: the accident occurred in the town of Aydin's Nazilli 59 year old Mehmet Şefik Karadiğe wanted to pass the train was hit by a train. It was learned that the old man who was taken to Nazilli State Hospital after the accident did not have any life threat. Received [more…]


Earth Shift

The road was closed to the road due to the landslide on the asphalt road at the İkizdere Dam site of İncirliova-Tire road. In the town of İncirliova in Aydın, the 15 village of Xnumx has collapsed in a part of the road that provides transportation. Incirliova municipality business [more…]


The Gospel of Bridge Interchange to Kuşadası

One of the bridged intersections commenced construction of AK Party government by allocating approximately 30 million pounds will be the Kuşadası Çamlık junction, which is located on Kuşadası ring road, the other is the junction of Otogar ring road and the road between Kuşadası and Davutlar. 3 construction in Kuşadası [more…]

Asphalt News

48 Hourly Renewed

Nazilli Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs teams, 48 hour work with Colonel Ibrahim Karaoğlanoğlu Street renewed the asphalt. Nazilli's traffic density is the highest Colonel Ibrahim Karaoglanoglu Street on the road after the deterioration of the natural gas work on the asphalt [more…]


New Level Crossing Opened with Ceremony

Nazilli's traffic problem to continue to work to continue. During the transition from the Turan Quarter to the Republic Quarter, a new level crossing for the passage of time without any loss of time was put into service with a ceremony. Nazilli Municipality of the Republic of Turkey [more…]


Aegean Region Railways

According to some, the product of the industrial revolution, in other words, is a form of transportation that triggers the revolution; his adventure, philosophy and potential in our country is unfortunately not studied except for a few academics and intellectuals. No field research. [more…]

16 Bursa

Bursa's Steel (and Composite) Silkworm

Bursa produced the first Turkish tram. Its design and production is almost one hundred percent indigenous. An important transformation project. The visionary driving force of the project is Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe. Of course there are other 'heroes' behind. Our Railways railways with Turkey [more…]


Osb-Güllük Harbor Railway Project in Milas

The feasibility reports of the railway project foreseen to be carried out from Güllük Port of Organized Industrial Zone in Milas district of Muğla were presented. Milas Organized Industrial Zone to the port of Gulluk freight transport to the years of intention to bring the railway line, the Milas Chamber of Commerce and Industry [more…]


Black Sea Railway and Fast Train

We used the rails that were laid by the Russians and used them in house construction. Railway transportation in the world started with industrialization in 1800s. In Europe, the first nail to be put on the railroad rails was called ”ALTIN ​​ÇİVİ iye. [more…]


The Aegean roads are open.

The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications is preparing to renew the transportation infrastructure of the region with the land, air and sea projects to be implemented in the Aegean provinces. For the Afyon-Uşak section of the Ankara-İzmir High Speed ​​Train Project [more…]