Comfort Comes to Karamursel Bay Roads
41 Kocaeli

Comfort Comes to Karamürsel Village Roads

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality does not neglect not only the city centers but also the renewal of village roads throughout the city. Within this scope, the teams of the Transportation Department make the soil village roads in Karamürsel district more comfortable with concrete roads. majority [more…]

Eskisehir Buyuksehirden Half Cost Concrete Roads
26 Eskisehir

Concrete Roads from Eskişehir to Half Cost

The material used in the asphalt pavement to come from abroad with foreign currency and because it is expensive, the 'Concrete Road' application initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality in İnönü and received positive results, 30 kilometers in the Tepebaşı District with the main artery 9 in Seyitgazi District [more…]

Asphalt News

Concrete Road Works in Şanlıurfa

In Sanliurfa, Turkey's largest road transport network, which has one of the applications for compacted concrete way to be healthy and produces long-lasting long-term solutions Metropolitan Municipality, he continues to work in Siverek. Planned and scheduled work [more…]

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Road Trip in Trabzon Continues at Full Speed

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, continues to mobilize the road throughout the province. 2018 400 thousand tons of asphalt pavement works in the neighborhood of the city continues to work with the goal of the work of the municipality is appreciated by the residents. Yomra district of Namık Kemal, Yokuşlu and [more…]

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Asphalt Mobilization in Trabzon

2018 thousand tons of asphalt pavement of the year 400 asphalt paving with the goal of the Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, 19 as of June to the neighborhood roads 130 thousand tons of asphalt laid. All of the asphalt in the neighborhood roads are produced in their own facilities [more…]