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Bozuyuk Logistics Center Supply Works

Bozüyük Logistics Center Supply Construction As a Result of the Tender The tender of the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways Administration (TCDD) 2017 / 389413 KİK limit value of 143.117.850,18 TL and Bozüyük Logistics Center Supply Facility with the approximate cost of 190.222.981,87 TL [more…]

Intercity Railways

Logistics Centers

Logistic Centers: Logistics centers are established for the development of transportation roads in an integrated way, for the establishment of an efficient connection between the modes of transportation, storage, maintenance-repair, loading and unloading, and more economically. Logistics where all transportation systems are integrated [more…]


TCDD Logistics Centers

TCDD Logistics Centers: Logistics centers, which are seen as the heart of modern freight transportation and which develops combined transportation integrated with other transportation systems, have started to be established in our country. In the city center of the freight stations; As in European countries, the active road [more…]

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Latest situation in logistics villages

The last situation in the logistics villages 17 logistics center, 5 separate work center is moving forward. Some of them completed the first stage, the activity began. Some are still in the stage of expropriation, some of them are going to tender. Annual transportation of 30 million tons in logistics centers [more…]