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21 Diyarbakir

Batman-Diyarbakır Railway Line to Raybüse Available

Nusret Basmacı, head of Diyarbakır Branch and Adnan İnci, Batman Branch President, visited Batmansonsöz Newspaper and supported the petition to convert the railway line on the Batman-Diyarbakır road to the railroad. TRAIN LINE, RAYBUS [more…]

Supports the demand for batmannin raybus
72 Batman

Batman's Raybuss Demand Support Grows

Batman ırDiyarbakır railway line, the demand for the conversion of railroad transportation Batmansonsöz newspaper has started to support the signature campaign. FAST, CHEAP AND SAFE In Batman ineDiyarbakır Railway, it will reduce the number of vehicles and contribute to the prevention of air pollution. [more…]